Tuesday, August 2, 2016



I learned that my great grandmother
watched over her neighborhood.

She cared for her own family,
but also kept her eyes on her block.
She raised her own children,
but also knew the kids on her street.
She loved her own family,
but also spread her love around.

I learned that my great grandmother
noticed when a child needed something.

She noticed when her sons needed
help with their homework.
She noticed when the child next door
didn’t have a school uniform.
She noticed when a little girl across the street
needed a little attention.

I learned that my great grandmother
gave what she could to every child she could.

She bought school uniforms,
she baked cookies,
she listened.
If a child was not getting what they needed,
my great grandmother would help. 

It’s so simple. It’s so vital.
It’s not charity. It’s just love.
I hope there’s enough of her in me

to see the world and not lose hope.  


dolores said...

Beautiful! Which gran is this?

Maria C. Goodson said...

Great Grandmother Goodson! Grandmother told me stories this weekend.

Rebecca Ladbrook said...

Beautiful! Good to know a good person like this :-)

Rebecca Ladbrook said...


Charity is dead,
when lying on the floor, she
reaches out in vain.