Saturday, March 26, 2016

Food is Medicine: help me support Movable Feast!

Hello, World! 

I know I don't give anyone any reason to read this blog due to my bad habit of infrequent posting, but today I'm writing about something that really matters. For once, it's not Reading Partners. 

Ever since moving to Baltimore exactly two years ago, I’ve been tapped into the non-profit world through my work with Reading Partners.  It has been amazing learning about and meeting all the wonderful people in this city who are working on making Baltimore better. Despite it’s bad reputation, Baltimore to me is a place bursting at the seams with hope and change makers, and I am proud to be a part of it.

One non-profit that has impressed me since day one is Movable Feast, provider of free, healthy meals for folks all across Maryland who are suffering from life threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer.  Movable Feast believes that food is medicine, which is something I think a lot of folks can relate to. I personally cannot imagine going through a life altering disease without even the food to feed my family or myself.  As their website states, Movable Feast’s mission could not be more clear: they feed people, fight disease and foster hope.

I have lived an exceptionally lucky life.  I grew up with everything I needed, a family who loved me, parents who read to me, friends to play with, a brother to pick on (and to pick on me), and always enough food on the table. I am exceptionally grateful for everything that I have, but I can’t help but reflect on how unfair it is that I have everything I need and others don’t.  It’s not fair, it’s not alright, and although I acknowledge that life is not fair I refuse let that keep me from trying to even the playing field.  I want to use my own luck and turn it into luck for someone else.

At Reading Partners we take luck out of the equation for students in Baltimore City. This spring I want to spread the love to Movable Feast as well.  I just joined Team Atomic to participate in Ride for the Feast, a 140-mile bike ride to raise money to support clients all across Maryland with healthy meals.  The ride is symbolic as well as challenging, and you all know how much I love symbols and a good challenge. My goal is to raise $1,500 before May 14th, which is the amount of money it takes to support one client for a year. 140 miles represents the furthest distance Movable Feast travels to deliver to a client.

I need your help! Please spread around my fundraising page (MARIA’S PAGE: DONATE HERE) to anyone at all who might be interested in making a donation, and your extended networks.

I’m not sure what scares me more, raising the money or actually riding 140 miles in two days, but if I’m nothing else I am very stubborn. Ask my parents, they’ll tell you. Nathan just helped me buy a bike yesterday (THANK YOU NATHAN), so now all I need to do is actually get on it. 

[I know a few of you have already donated to Run for Reading Partners on my behalf as well, THANK YOU SO MUCH, but please don't feel you need to donate to this as well. Remember, passing on my link to friends is just as good at donating! I know it's not a great idea fundraising for two things at once, but I could not escape Run for RP this year, they made me do it (and I made Dad)).]

Thank you so much for reading,  and thank you as well for being the reason my life is such a lucky one.


Maria xoxo

My new wheels, thanks to Joe's Bike Shop and my cousin Nate!