Thursday, November 12, 2015

Once, you knew me.

Once, you knew me. 

Once, you knew me.
Small, shy, hardly there.
I made my own impact,
did my own thing.
And you were there,
you knew what I was up to.
But that was then,
and this is now.
And things have changed!

I've cut my hair,
short and sleek.
I threw away all my clothes
the moment I got back here.
I only bought new ones
when I needed to.
I moved somewhere new,
found some friends on the internet,
and slowly made them real.

Once, when you knew me,
I didn't like to talk on the phone.
Once, when you knew me,
talking in front of people made my ears red.
Once, when you knew me,
I thought I was unintelligent.

Now, on occasion,
I would love to chat on the phone.
Now, when I do presentations,
my ears still glow, but I smile through it.
Now, I accept the things I don't know,
and ask a lot of questions.

Once, you knew me.
Now, come meet me again!

1 comment:

Rebecca Ladbrook said...

Love this. So personal and universal at the same time! I don't like talking on the phone either. Thank the lord texting was invented :-).