Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Writers and Words Twitter Take-Over Story STILL NEEDS YOU!

Writers and Words Twitter Take-Over

Story written by: @MariaCGoodson, @IanAndersonEtc, @annmariebrok, @shineslike, @minor_threatte, @Mizimoomoo, @reladbrook & @ideosinkrasse, so far. 


Her shoulder strung. As the ink sunk into her skin she remembered that this too shall pass.

A tattoo seemed fitting to Candy- as a talisman or omen; what did that matter? She’d keep January 15 with her anyways. The pain of this needle is nothing compared to that goddamn January day, she thought as the buzzing filled her ears. But the tattoo would remind the world what she’d been witness to that cold day. She didn’t want anyone to forget. It was a date she could never forget- the day of her epic transformation.

“Maybe you should walk,” her father had said, peering outside. But Candy was late. She grabbed the keys and left.

Snow balling under her feet, breath clouding her focus, she started walking. Everybody stared. She dipped the needle into the melted black plastic. She would do this herself.


I still want one more tweet to finish the story for the day. If you know how to save/kill/sort out Candy, tweet at @writersandwords. I'll pick my favorite ending by the end of the day. 

Thanks for playing, Twitter!

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