Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Still not caught up


An entire evening
 spent deciding
 which way to take
my current form
of indecision,
seeing the world
in it’s multi-colored,
 hazy glare,
resulting only
in a single


I’ve been a child, a student, a carpenter’s assistant (sawdust sweeper). I’ve been a golf course attendant, a Christmas tree farmer (sort of) a church and choir singer. I’ve been a creative problem solver who hated being spontaneous (not anymore), a script and prop maker and puppet master. I’ve been a tuba player, but never as well as I wanted. I’ve been a color guard member for longer than I’ve ever been anything else. I’ve been a performer, a captain, a rank leader and a secretary-then-president. I’ve been a writer longer than I’ve known how to write. I’ve been a gallery attendant and all forms of office assistant. I’ve been a traveler, a collector and an armature photographer. I’ve been a beer wench, a cook (deep-fryer) and a general manager. I’ve been a dancer, whether I admit it or not, I have been one. I’ve been a student representative, a memoirist, fiction writer, scriptwriter and blogger. I’ve been a foreigner, a shop assistant, a reader, a duty manager and a volunteer coordinator for a house of stories and a volunteer myself. I’ve been an events manager, a Christmas tree artist, a classical music concert promoter, a box office assistant, metadata researcher, personal research assistant, artist’s assistant and every other sort of assistant on the planet. I’ve been a brainiac, a tutor, a volunteer artist and again, a volunteer recruiter.
And next I will be:


As long as it don’t
peel, the red and the burn will
always fade to tan.

Still behind.

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