Monday, June 22, 2015

Few more days


This month will not fade into the next one,
it won’t look nearly the same as the last.
Buy those insole, wake up early and run-
make things better before you must be asked. 

That world is impossible, can’t exist.
That sounds like a fine challenge for us all.
Change is like the last place where you were kissed:
placemaking is the most romantic fall.


I abhor lateness-
in myself, in others too.
This blog I abhor.*


you shoot up into it
fly all around it
take a big bite too

stand there, look down
enjoy the gravity
of the antigravity

don’t float away
there are dangers
in being so alone

not like the stories
nothing like mars
haunted by old ideas

moon is quieter
earth is smaller
see life shimmer

the brightness blinds
but who needs eyes
your view is more tactile

knees bend slowly
you push off and aim
back toward home

warmer and warmer
your face is on fire
smile grows and glows

hit the water
submerge and resurface
It’s bright here too

you paddle to them
on the shore waiting
they hold out their arms

it was cold as glares
but you tried it out
it’s not what you thought

now you’re back
old friends warm you
and what used to blind

and the moon remembers

*Only sometimes. Only when I"m late. 

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dolores said...

Oh how I love that photo...might still have that costume!:)