Sunday, April 5, 2015

Story Day 31 - The End


With the same sound raging in her ears that Casey had experienced when she first explored the city, they were through the wall and out the other side.  Everything stopped moving.  Casey was sat in her car, the rain thundering down the window screen, hitting the steering wheel with frustration.
Only this time, as she looked slowly around, there was a familiar guy sat in the seat next to her, a less familiar one sat behind her and next to him – her father.
“What?”  Casey blinked and shook her head.

“I don’t understand.  What’s going on?  Zack, help me here.”

“I only get it on a basic level,” said Zack. “It looks like you saved the world from the Lost Things, but I don’t really know how.”
“The Door could only be closed by someone who was only partially lost,” said Dad, “someone who could be found if they wanted.”
Casey blushed but turned her head away. “Is that why you were in there, Dad?”
“No,” he replied, “I was completely lost.”
For the first time since she grew up and it all went wrong, Casey did not mind all the things she did not understand. The rain fell: Casey smiled.


Go HERE to see how this all started. 

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