Sunday, April 5, 2015

Story Day 30


At the sound of his voice, Zack’s brother broke his stride and paused, looking around him for the familiar sound.
“Quick, get over to him!” Zack shouted as Casey turned the car.  She drove up beside him and her father opened the door.
“Jump in!” Zack ordered and as he and his brother hugged each other, Casey continued to drive erratically, swerving wildly to avoid the kids who were charging about, seemingly with nowhere to go both on the pavement and on the road. 

“Where to now?” Casey questioned. Her father gesticulated into the woods which ran parallel with the road.

Casey could see through to the other side of the woods was what looked like a gigantic shimmering wall that stretched up and to the sides as far as she could see. She stomped on the gas and drove straight ahead. This would either kill them or free them, she reasoned; although at this point both those options seemed one in the same.
People or things hit either side of the car as it raced forward, Casey didn’t slow down to consider what she was or was not hitting. It’s just like running into the fire, she told herself: go!

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