Sunday, April 5, 2015

Story Day 29


“It’s all so familiar, I can’t tell if I know this place or not,” Zack muttered to Casey as they drove fast.
“This whole thing is weird without you telling me that,” Casey commented as she put her foot down and went faster.  Suddenly she was aware that although it was quiet, things probably were not as they seemed.
“Without wanting to give you a lecture…” he began. 
Casey grimaced, “No, please spare me that.  This day is going badly enough as it is.”

“Okay, what you said made me think.  I think we are in both places at once.” 

“He’s smart,” said Casey’s Dad from the back seat. “I like him.”
“Thank,” said Zack, his mischievous smile back. “Does that mean I’m right?”
“There is a force field separating us from the world we know,” said Dad, “all we need to do is drive through it, and it will seal behind us forever.”
“Zack,” said Casey, pointing straight ahead, “Is that him?”
Ahead of them was a man, younger than Zack but clearly related. He was running from a house with shattered windows.
“Ben!” Zack shouted out the window. Teens filled the streets.
“Everything is breaking down,” muttered Dad.

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