Sunday, April 5, 2015

Story Day 28


“So which way do we go?” Casey inquired. “It looks pretty black out there.”  The place was more dimly lit than the room they had emerged from.
“I see a light!” Zack exclaimed, peering over to the far left.
“It’s a good as place as any to go.  Let’s move!”  Casey gathered all her strength to command everyone.  Behind them they could hear a gathering roar.
“Sounds like pirates,” Zack muttered as they started running, dragging Casey’s dad between them.
“I don’t believe it…” Casey slowed.  Through the gloom, they could now see the source of the light.
“My car!”

“How did this get here…” Casey was baffled, but sure enough it was her little silver Camry her grandmother had given her years before.
“I don’t get it,” she said, “but let’s go.” At this point, Casey wanted to cling to anything that was familiar, hoping that the more she could hold, the less trouble they’d be in.
Casey’s Dad took the back seat and Zack rode shot gun, pointing which way to drive. The neighborhood was just as eerily quiet as before, but with silent fires burning here and there.
“I know the way to my brother,” Zack said.

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