Sunday, April 5, 2015

Story Day 31 - The End


With the same sound raging in her ears that Casey had experienced when she first explored the city, they were through the wall and out the other side.  Everything stopped moving.  Casey was sat in her car, the rain thundering down the window screen, hitting the steering wheel with frustration.
Only this time, as she looked slowly around, there was a familiar guy sat in the seat next to her, a less familiar one sat behind her and next to him – her father.
“What?”  Casey blinked and shook her head.

“I don’t understand.  What’s going on?  Zack, help me here.”

“I only get it on a basic level,” said Zack. “It looks like you saved the world from the Lost Things, but I don’t really know how.”
“The Door could only be closed by someone who was only partially lost,” said Dad, “someone who could be found if they wanted.”
Casey blushed but turned her head away. “Is that why you were in there, Dad?”
“No,” he replied, “I was completely lost.”
For the first time since she grew up and it all went wrong, Casey did not mind all the things she did not understand. The rain fell: Casey smiled.


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Story Day 30


At the sound of his voice, Zack’s brother broke his stride and paused, looking around him for the familiar sound.
“Quick, get over to him!” Zack shouted as Casey turned the car.  She drove up beside him and her father opened the door.
“Jump in!” Zack ordered and as he and his brother hugged each other, Casey continued to drive erratically, swerving wildly to avoid the kids who were charging about, seemingly with nowhere to go both on the pavement and on the road. 

“Where to now?” Casey questioned. Her father gesticulated into the woods which ran parallel with the road.

Casey could see through to the other side of the woods was what looked like a gigantic shimmering wall that stretched up and to the sides as far as she could see. She stomped on the gas and drove straight ahead. This would either kill them or free them, she reasoned; although at this point both those options seemed one in the same.
People or things hit either side of the car as it raced forward, Casey didn’t slow down to consider what she was or was not hitting. It’s just like running into the fire, she told herself: go!

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Story Day 29


“It’s all so familiar, I can’t tell if I know this place or not,” Zack muttered to Casey as they drove fast.
“This whole thing is weird without you telling me that,” Casey commented as she put her foot down and went faster.  Suddenly she was aware that although it was quiet, things probably were not as they seemed.
“Without wanting to give you a lecture…” he began. 
Casey grimaced, “No, please spare me that.  This day is going badly enough as it is.”

“Okay, what you said made me think.  I think we are in both places at once.” 

“He’s smart,” said Casey’s Dad from the back seat. “I like him.”
“Thank,” said Zack, his mischievous smile back. “Does that mean I’m right?”
“There is a force field separating us from the world we know,” said Dad, “all we need to do is drive through it, and it will seal behind us forever.”
“Zack,” said Casey, pointing straight ahead, “Is that him?”
Ahead of them was a man, younger than Zack but clearly related. He was running from a house with shattered windows.
“Ben!” Zack shouted out the window. Teens filled the streets.
“Everything is breaking down,” muttered Dad.

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Story Day 28


“So which way do we go?” Casey inquired. “It looks pretty black out there.”  The place was more dimly lit than the room they had emerged from.
“I see a light!” Zack exclaimed, peering over to the far left.
“It’s a good as place as any to go.  Let’s move!”  Casey gathered all her strength to command everyone.  Behind them they could hear a gathering roar.
“Sounds like pirates,” Zack muttered as they started running, dragging Casey’s dad between them.
“I don’t believe it…” Casey slowed.  Through the gloom, they could now see the source of the light.
“My car!”

“How did this get here…” Casey was baffled, but sure enough it was her little silver Camry her grandmother had given her years before.
“I don’t get it,” she said, “but let’s go.” At this point, Casey wanted to cling to anything that was familiar, hoping that the more she could hold, the less trouble they’d be in.
Casey’s Dad took the back seat and Zack rode shot gun, pointing which way to drive. The neighborhood was just as eerily quiet as before, but with silent fires burning here and there.
“I know the way to my brother,” Zack said.

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