Saturday, March 7, 2015

Story Day 5


“Hello?” her voice sounded far away, thin and scared.
“Hey, anyone there?”  No answer.  The words echoed off the white walls of her room.
“Please?  I’m fine now, really.  I just need to get somewhere. I don’t need to stay here.  Thanks for you concern and all that...”  Sighing, Casey resigned herself to the fact that nobody was coming to rescue her or even explain where she was.  She couldn't just sit around all day with no idea what time of day it even was.  Gingerly, Casey swung her long legs off the narrow bed and made for the door.

The room looked sort of like a hospital room, but with dark walls and quite a lot of dust, not a window to be found. She tried the door. To her great surprise, it easily pushed open without a sound.
Casey found herself more unnerved outside the room than she was inside- freedom never made her so uneasy. She padded forward in lace-less boots, thankful now that she’d never liked clicky heels. Powerful? No, they didn't make her feel powerful, they were annoying. As she suck forward down the hallway she’d never felt more strongly about heels with rubber soles. 

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