Thursday, March 5, 2015

Story Day 3


She told them that she was on her way to work in town, that the car had broken down again and that she was waiting for the pick-up truck when something weird had happened.  The paramedics glanced at each other. 
“You weren't fully conscious, you were in a car accident.”  The second paramedic had stepped away to use his radio, she returned and lent over Casey.
“You said that someone was here?”
Casey nodded.  She remembered the man who had been there when the lights had started.  She shook the image away.  She needed to focus and get to work.

Casey made a move to get up and a firm hand held her down.
“We have to take you to the hospital,” said the owner of the arm. “You were in a car accident, remember?”
Now they were just being patronizing.
“I’m fine, really…” Casey said as an undefinable pain started to burn down her leg. She offered no protest as they lifted her into the ambulance. Suddenly she remembered that she was late. But the lateness was now less pressing. Null and void- she had to go to the hospital. Casey closed her eyes, ignoring the shouts not to and let it happen. She’d never been so happy to go to the hospital. 

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