Friday, March 27, 2015

Story Day 26


Casey agreed. As her doppelganger came closer and lent over her, Casey felt the smooth steel of the knife slipped into her hand.  Zack was still smiling.  Jabbing upwards, she caught herself off guard.  Casey stood up as the woman fell backwards, oh so slowly and landed awkwardly against the table.  She began to disintegrate before their eyes.
“I guess this is our cue to leave,” Zack commented as they backed towards the door.  The workers all rushed to the table, scrabbling around on the floor as if trying to put her together again.  Nobody noticed Casey and Zack leaving. 

“Wait,” said Casey, “Dad.”
“I thought you said you said you hardly knew him.”
“That’s no reason to leave him behind. Then we need to find your brother.”
“Alright, deal.”
Back inside the room, Casey and Zack tried inching around the edge of the room, tried to avoid attention. The workers, some of which seemed to be the disgruntled teens from before, didn’t seem to know what to do without the woman around to direct them. Many of them stood around where her body once was, other were walking around aimlessly. They snuck easily to the back of the room.

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