Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Story Day 25


Suddenly, the energy shifted in the room and with it, the colours and clarity. Everything became blurred and the sounds seemed to be inside Casey’s head, hammering to be let out.  Then she realized.  Trying to gain some sense of control over herself, she finally understood what it was this woman wanted.  ‘It’s me’, a voice which was strange to her whispered in her head.  ‘I am the key.  She is going to kill me’.  Casey didn’t think she’d said that aloud but somehow her captors knew too because she was shoved onto a table.  On it lay a knife.

There was a commotion, everyone in the room started reacting at once. Casey’s cheek hit the ground and she almost blacked out. When her vision came back she saw Zack’s face inches from her own. He looked her in the eyes with an unusual grin, and although she had only known him for what felt like the longest day of her life, Casey felt comforted.
“I guess this is goodbye,” said Casey. “It was nice to meet you, Zack.”
“You’re the girl who walked into the fire,” said Zack with a smile, “I don’t believe you’re giving up that easily.”

Go HERE to see how this mess started!  

And by mess I mean very fun experiment. We're in the home stretch now! 

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