Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Story Day 24


The room pulsed with an energy that Casey could feel but not see.  She felt trapped but free at the same time.  Brushing a hand across her forehead, she breathed deeply and tried to take it all in.  At some point, she guessed, she had been waiting to wake up but now it seemed that there was no waking up from this reality.  These people meant business and she was in no position to argue, try to persuade or even ask for more time.  She knew something but what was it? 
“Come on,” urged Zack, “please just give them something.”

“Dad,” said Casey, stepping forward, “It’s me, it’s Casey.”
“Who are you?” He seemed dazed and confused. Casey wondered how anyone expected her to reason with him if he didn’t even recognize her.
“It’s Casey,” she tried again, “your daughter. I mean, you don’t know me that well; you left when I was little. Remember, we used to play baseball. I was really bad…”
“No time for sentimentality,” said the woman. “Find the key.”
“HEY,” said Casey, rounding on the woman. “If I do this, I do this my way.”
“If you do this, you won’t do anything ever again.”

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