Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Story Day 23


If he recognized her, he chose not to show it.  Blank eyes in a grey face stared out and past his daughter.  Casey had felt as though she was in a dream, now it became a nightmare.
“I don’t believe you!”  she shouted, swinging round to herself.  He’s just an ordinary guy.  Leave him alone.  If I knew what you wanted, I’d give it to you.  But I don’t.  You people are crazy!’ with that, she dissolved into tears. The woman remained impassive.

“Overly emotional.  We found that with all the trials.  This man, your ‘father’ is the root cause.

“He holds the key, somewhere,” she continued, “and we need it to close our borders.”
“Why?” asked Zack.  “Why would you want that?”
“I haven’t seen him in years…” Casey said softly.
“This is a world of genetically enhanced beings,” said the woman, “isn’t that clear? We must keep Others out. Am I not superior to my ‘sister’ here in every way? We only brought you to get key. This is the true interview.”
“And if I pass?” asked Casey.
“Then you can stay,” said the woman. “If you fail, all of you, Zack’s brother included, will be disposed of.”

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