Sunday, March 22, 2015

Story Day 20


“Lost sisters?” both Casey and Zack echoed.  The woman carried on walking away from them while everyone else stayed sat at the table, seemingly oblivious to what was going on around them. 
“They’re preparing for the big shut down,” Zack said as if that would explain it all.  Casey didn’t answer, she stared at the retreating back of herself and felt as though she was going crazy.

“Lost sisters – the ones who didn’t quite make it.  Version One if you like.  I’m your better version, can’t you tell?”  the woman muttered over her shoulder.  Casey trotted to catch her up.

She couldn’t tell if the woman was being sarcastic. She looked at Zack for answers as they flowed, but he just shrugged and continued on. Casey always felt there was something not quite right about herself. Her inability to ever have any sort of style, keep a job, find a direction…she felt she had been lost since she was born. If this really was a place for lost things, and lost people, maybe this was where she actually belonged. This however did not explain the woman’s last comment.
“Better version?” Casey asked, laughing a little. “What are you, a clone?”

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