Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Story Day 2


The sound in her ears made her open her eyes.  Nothing.
‘Wait, nothing?  What the?’ 
Talking to herself was a bad habit she had always been criticized for at school but right at this minute, it seemed sensible.  She felt around in the darkness.  The light had gone but a red orb flashed,  blocking her vision every time she shut her eyes. 
‘Just don’t shut your eyes again’, a voice said.  Her voice?  She opened her eyes and tried to focus. 
‘Can I help you?  Wow, did you see that? Crazy, man. Wow.’

She felt cold fingers on her arm.

Still blind, Casey felt herself being pulled and prodded by one set of hands, then two, pulling her out of the car and carrying her who-knows-where. She relaxed, might as well, can’t see anyway. The voices continued, saying something about her car and another car and she found herself unable to care and incapable of focusing even if she did.
“Don’t shut your eyes again,” demanded the voice again, close to her ear. Casey said nothing and let herself relax again. The orb flashed red and then blue somewhere in the distance.
“Casey…CASEY! Open your eyes!”
Red and then blue.

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[ Author's note: Rebecca is always the first paragraph, I'm always second. Rebecca is British and I am American which is reflected by our punctuation and grammar. ]

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