Sunday, March 22, 2015

Story Day 19


There was nobody on guard at the gatehouse so slowing down, Casey darted down the first alley way she saw.  The place was eerily silent.  She could tell that although the ringing still continued in her ears.  Leaning over to catch her breath, noticed an open door just to the left.  She could see shadows moving across the gap.  Creeping forward, she saw several figures sat around a table.  They looked normal as far as she could tell.  Without warning, the door opened.  A woman at the table turned, looking directly at her.  Casey screamed.  She was looking at herself.

That was it; that was her limit. Casey knew that was all her mind could take- the next thing she knew she was on the floor, the back of her head throbbing. She felt someone touch her arm, but she tried to ignore it. Casey squeezed her eyes shut, trying with all her might to disappear. A familiar voice brought her back- it was Zack.
“I know what this place is,” he said.
“What is it, then?” Casey’s heart jumped as the woman with Casey’s face appeared ahead.
“It’s the place where lost things go,” she said, “and lost sisters.”

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