Sunday, March 22, 2015

Story Day 18


Without warning, all hell broke lose.  Casey had never heard noise like it.  Afterwards, she could have sworn that she saw the sound sweep through the narrow street but that was impossible.  You can’t see sound, her brain insisted.  But she knew she had. The presence that had been holding her suddenly left and she found herself slammed back against a pile of red bricks that perhaps once was a fine looking house.  Her ears ringing, she pried open her eyes and rubbed the brick dust out of them. The silent road was littered with bodies.  Casey stood and ran.

She looked wildly around for Zack, but as seemed to be his way, he was nowhere to be seen. She further she ran the more signs of distress she saw around her. There were burned out cars parked casually in front of pretty front lawns, broken windows on nice houses. Hardly any people to be seen. Casey just ran, ran forward as fast as her legs would let her, her ‘power heels’ abandoned long before. If her bare feet were bleeding she didn't notice or care.
The city loomed in front of her, buildings gleaming in the sun. She ran. 

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