Sunday, March 22, 2015

Story Day 16


As they were marched by invisible hands along the cracked asphalt, Casey found herself being separated from Zack.  She was pulled behind the barricade and confronted with a motley bunch of … pirates?  If the situation weren't so awful, it would be comical.  These were nothing but kids playing at war games.  The invisible hold on her slackened as she was dumped, scraping her leg on a jagged piece of car door daubed with slogans.  She noticed a symbol which appeared several times over.  The kids, teens, she couldn't tell exactly through the face paint were drinking and laughing manically.

“You two,” said the invisible voice again, “get in line.” This time the teens reacted as if smacked, their smiles vanishing. One came over to each of them, grabbing Casey and Zack by one arm each and marching them forward, apart.
“Wait,” Casey called to anyone who would listen, “Don’t…” She found herself panicking at the thought of being alone. Up until then, she had been more confused than scared, like there was not enough room in her brain to consider the situation to be anything but frustrating. But now, seeing the teens march her only ‘friend’ away, Casey panicked. 

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