Sunday, March 15, 2015

Story Day 14


With her taking the lead, he seemed to snap out of wallowing in the whatever and nodded his head.
“You’re right.  We won’t find anything out about anything by just hanging around here.  Let’s go and investigate.”
They jumped up and began walking purposefully towards the city.  Everything was quiet, it felt like being miles from anywhere not pretty much a stone’s throw from what looked like a major city.  As they neared the outskirts, Casey felt her pace slow and Zack stopped dead in his tracks.
“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”  she questioned, not really wanting an answer.

“If you’re seeing a barricade, then yes.” Casey instinctively pulled Zack behind a nearby parked car, wondering where those instincts actually came from.
The gleaming city looming ahead of them as Casey and Zack peaked over the top of the car, down the suburban street. Picturesque front yards full of flowers and billowy trees lined the road, almost making a tree tunnel over a smoking barricade. Made of half burned out cars, pieces of wood and what looked like any sort of found junk, it was completely blocking an otherwise beautiful neighborhood street. From behind the barricade, they heard voices.

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