Sunday, March 15, 2015

Story Day 11

We're a little behind!


With nothing else to do, they started walking.  Casey’s stomach rumbled.
“What time is it?” she asked.  She left home at 6 that morning and missed breakfast.
“Time? No idea.  They take away your watch when you arrive.”  Zack pulled up his sleeve, indicating a light strap mark where a watch had sat while the rest of him tanned.  Casey never wore a watch.
“My phone! I can get the time from that!” she shouted, almost in excitement at the thought of something as normal as being able to look at her phone.  She checked.   It had gone of course.

“Alright, Zack,” she said, putting out an arm to stop him, “I need some answers.”
“Me too, that’s why we’re walking.”
“Stop being vague! Tell me what you know about where we were. About the fire and the other people. What other people?”
“Ok, cool it.” Zack’s easy and unnerving smile faded and he looked suddenly venerable. Casey almost felt bad for pressuring him.
“So the other day, or week or month, I have no idea now,” he started, “I was driving to work for an interview. The third one that month, I was desperate. Then I think I wrecked my car, got disorientated, was told I was going to the hospital, and ended up there.” It was Casey’s same story. 

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