Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Story Day 10


They spent a few minutes looking around their new environment, not finding much more than grass and trees.  In the distance, a city skyline towered into bluish smog.
“Recognize it?” Zack asked as they stood wondering what to do next.
“Not really.  Is it even real do you think?” she considered, half talking to herself.  She shrieked as she felt a hard pinch on her arm.
“Hey, what was that for?” she demanded.
Zack shrugged, kneeling to tie his trailing trainer lace.

“Just checking your reality – think of it as a helpful service.”  Casey rubbed her arm, “thanks. Too kind.”

“The door is gone,” she continued. “And the building…” The free feeling came back for a moment, like it had when she thought she was going to the hospital. Only for a moment.
Casey wished the grass was purple. If the grass was purple, she wouldn't be on earth, and things would be different. She wouldn't be unemployed, wouldn't need money like air, and wouldn't miss them. If the grass was purple, she’d have no past and there’d be no debt and she could sleep so deeply. A breeze picked up and the grass tickled her ankles, green as envy.  

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