Tuesday, February 3, 2015



‘Everything's an abacus,’
said the Engineer.
Floating through space he careens.
On earth, she is a collector,
collecting copious mistakes.
She has no time.

cannot be counted on an abacus.
are not welcome to the Engineer.
But for the Collector,
she careens.

Everyone, sometimes, careens
slowly though time.
Too fast for the Collector
as she sets another abacus
on a shelf and the Engineer
rolls his eyes at her mistakes.

Her museum is not full of mistakes,
she thinks. She careens
toward the Engineer
but never in time.
She moves the beads of the abacus
and hates being a collector.

The Collector
does not believe in mistakes.
Like the certainty of her abacus,
nothing careens
out of time.
Except the Engineer.

If she could only engineer
her own mind, the Collector
would have all her desired time.
Museum of mistakes-
she careens
as she throws her abacus.

It is the time for mistakes-
Engineer & Collector-

one careens, one’s an abacus.

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