Monday, January 12, 2015

The Conflicted Alphabet

The Conflicted Alphabet 

A is for Abacus- we are counting down the days.
B is for Bike chains- we will set our lives ablaze.
C is for Car Crash- we want to look away.
D is for Diagnosis- know where we’ll one day lay.
E is for Evermore- we’ll try this year- no lie.
F is for Fallacy- flat and fickle we cry.
G is for Giant- a hunting we will go.
H is for Hashtag- our generations woe.
I is for Imply- let’s do less of this, this year.
J is for Job- less secure: can still buy beer.
K is for Karaoke- sing loud and all will listen.
L is for Love- a lot of good does glisten.
M is for Museum- my collector heart’s true home.
N is for Nebula- can we spot one from the dome?
O is for Ophelia- we mourn her watery end.
P is for Pygmalion- make ourselves a friend…
Q is for Quandary- isn’t everything just.
R is for Refrain- what we have is a lack of trust.
S is for Serendipity- here and now.
T is for Tabard- must be tougher to allow.
U is for Ubiquitous- we try to no avail.
V is for Vaccine- we seek the Holy Grail.
W is for Wisteria- the door is almost covered.
X is for Xenobiotic- love, like a virus, hovered.
Y is for Yieldless- despite it all we are this.
Z is for Zenith- an end we can seal with a kiss. 


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Rebecca Ladbrook said...

I love this - beautiful and clever :-)