Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Many words; I am very behind.

I am still playing the poetry game this month, I'm just horribly behind. Excited as I am that the new year has been so busy and full of promise, I also wish I had at least a little more free time to write more than a bunch of haikus now and then. Although I do love to write haikus.


The bits of paper
dotted around my bedroom
are worth more than gold.


What you don't know is-
What you want and wait for is-
What is, really just is. 


I am going to just build some bridges
over land and sea and rock and bone.
They will be smooth, devoid of ridges,
and help us vanquish the unknown.


I wear a wig, yes. 
And it is blue, yes blue, yes. 
The mystery: yes. 

('...and yes I said yes I will yes.')

The last word I've skipped is 'Collector.' If you know me, then you know my personal connection to this word. I can't just haiku it, I need more time. It deserves more consideration. Stay tuned. 


Rebecca Ladbrook said...

Ha, you're awake and so are we! 5.30 a.m and just posted Museum. Love your thought process and careful consideration of powerful words.

Rebecca Ladbrook said...

From Oscar: nice haikus, very short, I like them.