Sunday, June 1, 2014

What will happen in June

Another month is upon us, and since our little writing challenges are proving to be both fun and an excellent way to keep in touch across the wide ocean, Rebecca and I are going to keep it going. For the month of June we decided to go back to poetry, since we did little stories last month, but with a little more direction. We compiled a list for June of 30 words, one for each day of the month that will be our inspiration for that day's poem. So every day we'll start with the same word, but I'm sure we'll produce vastly different sorts of poems. I quickly learned from our mini story project that Rebecca and I have very different ideas about a lot of things, which is awesome and made for some really funny/disturbing/interesting stories. Actually, last month I found myself trying to come up with the least obvious endings to all of Rebecca's story beginnings, and it looks like she did too.

In other news, check out this awesome bookstore I found with my parents! Riverby Books in Fredricksburg, VA.  This is how I want my house to look one day. 


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Tanner said...

When I saw that photo, I thought you got your own house.