Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 9- Supine


The rest is rest but do not linger here:
in this abyss of ease there is no end.
The line holding all up will disappear
in space; disgrace, impossible to bend.
Long spine alines; the ground is softer there.
But on the lawn of thoughts there is not one
that was not placed without a single care.
I'll tell you now, you must escape. Please run.
The separation will be hard at first:
the way, it may be shrouded in deep dusk.
The curtain's heavy dust-filled drapes are cursed:
outside the air is free of all that musk.
But truly this may not be what you seek,
for happiness for everyone's unique. 

I actually didn't know this word before today, so thanks, Rebecca, for teaching me a new word! Be sure to click on her name there and see her Supine poem as well.

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