Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 8 (a day late)- Meatspace

an ad campaign

noun. a term, originating from cyberpunk fiction and culture, referring to the real (that is, not virtual) world, the world of flesh and blood. somewhat tongue-in-cheek. the opposite of cyberspace

The only space that really matters, the space with all the senses, 
where the positive mixes with the negative and becomes our reality.

 There is nothing like it!

 Street noises mix with the taste of a sweet, 
cheap happy hour beer. 

The city is loud and unsafe, but at least the 
asphalt drives the bugs away. 

Meatspace: the place you go where hardly
 anyone knows your name, unless you tell them- you surly have more
 privacy in this glorious, meaty space where we are all made of soft 
fleshy limbs and not pixels, where things like happiness happen with 
the touch of a hand or the sticky-warm air on your face, not just with 
words in the world of your mind's own creation. 

Glorious Meatspace;
once a thing that needed no explanation, once the only space we had, 
one that humans loved and where we found wonder in creation and 
innovation and discovery; once the place where love was found and 
cultivated and cherished; but back then everything was different.
It was much easier and desirable to stay in one place, exploration 
in the every-day happened in a much smaller sense. 

Now that the world is so much bigger, it seems we
 think we need even more space than our own earth can provide. 

Our backyards are so much bigger, 
even the ones that flood. 

This space, this space on which you read
 right now, this incredible self publishing superhighway of ideas 
and information and people and expression threatens our wonder-filled

 It is slowly becoming the more desired life form, life, 
communication repository, world. 

Proceed with caution. 

You must have street smarts in both spaces-
 book-smarts can mean next to nothing.

 But at least in Meatspace, you were born well equipped. 

Meatspace, marvelous Meatspace: 
an emoticon kiss is just not the same.


A few things: thing one- I realize I'm really taking liberties with what I perceive to be a poem, but then again I never pretended I was a poet to begin with. Just a fun-seeker here in Cyberspace. Which leads to thing two- of course I love internet and see all the good that it brings to the world. Duh, I'm writing a blog, I'm an avid Facebook user, I have a twitter account (not that I really use it much); I obviously don't hate the internet. It is a pretty amazing thing that allows all sorts of other amazing things to happen in Meatspace. Just take the Green brothers for example, who are slowly taking over the world with their awesomeness. But that being said, if I see one more story about Cyberbullying or preteens stabbing their friends because of something they saw on the internet, or any such awful thing, I might just scream. But if I scream in Meatspace, no one will hear me but the neighbors, so I guess I might as well just write a crappy poem about it instead.

Speaking of John Green, do yourself a favor and see this movie. You will cry, but you will also laugh.

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