Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 3- Passion


Why do we enjoy reading books and hearing stories?
 Is it because when we read about a situation or fiction
similar to our own life's circumstance, we suddenly
 believe it's possible?  If we read it, it could happen
to us too! Are we projecting our hopes and fears and desires
 and passions onto the page, warping the words to see and
mean what we want them to? Is this why we quote others,
 to make the quote somehow a part of ourselves, to make
or reinforce what we are, to be more true and real? If I read a
 story about a love that I want, that is in my mind only but still
in the realm of my preconceived possibility, does it suddenly
 become even more real having read it on a page, seen it in a world of
 of my own imagination, felt it's power even just through words, the
 implications of which are entirely of my own making? Of course
it does! Stories enhance reality, suddenly if you can relate, then you can
be or do or have. Everyone wants to be right and good (mostly right),
 so when a fiction paints our innermost thoughts in more vivid colors
 than we have in our paint set it makes us believe that we are artists
 too. But you cannot claim what you did not make, and in this
 way we are all plagiarists.
And that is alright.
This is what makes
love and
desire and
chasing the fiction.

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dolores said...

"chasing the fiction"...sounds like a title!

Looks like a loving cup...without handles!:)