Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 29- Slumber, RIP Slate.


It does not matter if you are prepared,
no times enough to stop the choke, the tears. 
I guess the streaks just prove you really cared,
and loved your cat through seventeen great years. 

There never was a headbutt of such love
than those that we received from our gray cat. 
I never tired of Dad's texts theirof
and to this day I'm glad that Mom went back:

Once we had brought his brothers to our home
Mom looked at us and got back in the car,
and spead right back so he could not far roam,
to claim the slate-gray kitten from afar. 

The years to come will never recreate
another friend as wonderful as Slate. 


dolores said...

Thanks for this sweetheart!xo

bella said...

a sweet ode to your sweet Slate.