Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 21- Breath


The treasure on her wrist glitters like gold
as she stares out across the still water
imagining how to go back in time,
to be more than a wanting paramour
to write the pages and not just buy the book
she breaths; it's just another day in June.

Her lover is a strong warm wind in June.
Upon her head her hair is made of gold
like maidens fair from her long lover's book:
the Elder's words flow fast like sweet water.
Nothing that she says helps her paramour
who breaths, and thinks again of unfair time.

The younger has been here for a long time
and every year they pause a day in June;
the Elder reassures her paramour
with gifts of silk and bracelets cold and gold.
The Elder promises- ripples, water;
the Younger breaths and goes back to her book.

But then one day she finds another book
and in it she begins to see what time
really is. Not promises and water,
not wanting for that one warm day in June,
not all her love, unrequited in gold.
She breaths and still remains a paramour.

She sits and thinks and is a paramour,
but this time she decides to write her book
and if her love wants to give her gold
she'd gaze into her face and see the time,
all of these days, those promises in June.
They breath: sunsets fall over water.

The Elder loves her eyes, deep like water.
She leaves her husband- seeks her paramour.
Their day has come, their one strong day in June.
But all she finds is one old tattered book
written about the Younger's twisted time
and in it's pages falls a chain of gold.

Into the water Elder throws the book,
the Paramour hunts for her wasted time,
and June will never glitter quite like gold.

I spent the day with my aunt and two cousins, and as evening fell I remembered that I still had to write a poem. So I told my one cousin my word for the day, and since she is the one who introduced sestinas to me, I said I wanted to write another one. So I asked her to give me 6 words and I'd just go to town, and this is what happened. Paramour? Thanks a lot. But it was really fun (despite my complaints mid creation). So this is really a collaborative effort, this depressing little thing. So if this does depress you, it's not my fault! Not totally anyway.

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