Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 10- Skeletons!


is all of
this we come
to see, come to
be, come to
want and
can flee?
it’s all quite swell,
the diving bell, this place in
which we dwell and are compelled to
wonder:    is  there  not  more   to it all
here?    yes! just guess. this is   the spot,
right       inside HERE where     we can
   plot.       and  so  the  story     goes on:
fierce     hug- a first funeral,    a harp
plays;      rooftop serenade;     ‘smalls’
and      their calls; could my     arms
BE     any more curvy; could    all of
this     be any more complex?    I do
hope   so. I hope it never ends,  but
I see    that it already is. rapid,   vapid,
seemingly spirited  but at times
none  of          the above;
a shove of        love (kind
of) in the        right light
just might         bring life
    to these         curvy limbs.
but in the       meantime
i’ll stay         here and
play with      words till
they             mean
what I            want
them to         mean.
till my          will is
billed         & filled
and I          find a
better      hobby.
It is all       just a
part        of my
skeleton. as       are you, too. 



dolores said...

Wowser...how did you do that?

I thought you hated poetry?:)

Maria C. Goodson said...

Hate is a strong word; I don't think I actively hate much of anything. I made the shape with Xes first, then filled it in with words line by line. It took forever.