Sunday, April 27, 2014

Poetry Project, day 26- anapaestic hexameter (sounds like a disease)

For today you must climb up the hill, through the trees and the houses of white,
past magnolias right and the tulips of red. All the signs of the spring.
Once inside, look around, simple beauty surrounds all your senses, delight

in the gentle enclosure of sounds from outside, the low humming of life,
but not life as we know- no, the clang as the wind chimes are tossed in the air,
by the force that can both tickle cheeks and also bring down walls with such ease.

But not these, no, these walls are a comfort to me. They dull harsh traffic noise
and allow only light to reach me, and occasional birds I do hear,
lest I sink into deep and forget that I can't make this moment here last.

1 comment:

dolores said...

Sounds like your Aunt's lovely house!:)