Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poetry Project, day 22- Why I want to be Mac Brownell when I grow up.

To live a life like Mac Brownell
would be a vast and wonderful thing.
If we could all be as kind and loving,
the world would turn much more smoothly-
no axel grease required, just the desire
to help anyone who needed your help.

I have a confession that will not help
my position- I didn't know Mac Brownell.
We met, but when my only desire
was to eat and sleep, I was a small thing
and did not clock her importance- smoothly
overlooked, typical baby, even to the most loving.

But my whole life I've heard tales of her loving
ways, her wit, her never yielding want to help
all those she encountered, how she smoothly
connected the dots between people. Mac Brownell
is a name I've always known, something
like a legend, or timeless story of love and desire.

And now, there is nothing more I desire
than time travel, to talk to my Grandmother's loving
friend, now remembered with a vase of anything
blooming, to thank her for all those she did help,
and for being the best sort of human. Mac Brownell,
like you, I want to come and go smoothly.

We rarely go through life very smoothly,
our own days and needs fuel our desire.
And I'm sure she was the same, but Mac Brownell
desired more than her own happiness. Her loving
nature touched everyone she met, and the help
she gave remains a beautiful thing.

I hope when I'm gone, my friends buy flowers, a thing
to make them happy- beauty makes days go smoothly.
I don't think my words will ever really help
anyone, but it is my deepest desire
that I will be at least a tenth as loving
as the legendary cookie lady, Mac Brownell.

The thing about life is that all humans desire
it to go smoothly, with few misfortunes, for it to be loving:
but this would never be without the help of humans like Mac Brownell.

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