Friday, April 18, 2014

Poetry Project, day 17

Happiness is trending.
everywhere you look
there are new lists
of solutions, of ways
to find happiness-
'Be what you want to be'
'Live like you're dying'
'Smile more, worry less'
A website for any affliction.
Do these things, and
you'll be happy.
Clap along if you feel like
that's what you wanna do.
But also- eating.
Peace, Love and
[insert favorite food]
Ice Cream = Happiness.
Buy yourself a slice
of happiness.
Then, take this
weightless supplement
and be the you that you
want to be again, the you
that you used to be before
you ate so much
So what is the solution?
Take this quiz,
see what pop culture
icon you most resemble.
The similarities will
make you laugh.
Tell your friends.
Sunshine and ice tea
Blessings- my friends
and family are a
blessing, thank you
all for helping me
through these hard times.
Truly blessed.
So, is happiness
really trending?
Or do we just really
want it to be?

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