Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alto Princess

I wish more Disney princesses were altos. When you spend as much time sitting in your bedroom all day applying for jobs as I have these days, there are few ways better to keep your spirits up than to sing along to the soundtrack to Frozen. But, as I've often found with most Disney or animated soundtracks in general, I'm only able to sing the man's part. I don't really mind that much- the men usually get the fun harmonies and the like, and I am a tomboy by nature. But sometimes, sometimes a girl just wants to be a princess. I don't want to sing about reindeer. I want to build a snowman.

Since I clearly don't have a princess voice, the only princesses in this place are made of pipe cleaners. Once upon a time, one such princess found herself on my cork board, in front of my desk.

 There she is.

That's not a very good angle. For anyone. Here she is again.

Yes, she is standing on the neck of a dragon. As is her way. We can trace her royal lineage later, if that's important to you, but for right now I think she is a convincing enough princess with an A+ in dragon taming. She had no hand for needlepoint.

As I watched her, noticing her for the first time since I put her up there, she started making her way down my wall, brought back to life by my attention.

She tried to make some friends along the way, but she is pretty shy. And her mother told her never to associate with bounty hunters, no matter how mysterious and adventurous they may seem. I can completely understand her desire to fly away from this room in a space ship (it's really cluttered and ill lit in here), but she should probably rethink getting in one affectionately named Slave I. But that's just my two cents. Fueled by unrequited love and a desire to see where this story is going, she bravely carried on. I'm pretty curious too.

The battle was not PG, and as such was inappropriate for this blog. 

I get it now. She agrees with me. She could have just said so. Her handwriting is remarkably like my own, but I guess that is to be expected, having taught her to write and all.

The end.


So, my friend Rebecca and I made a pact to each write a blog by the end of the week, which is where this came from. Rebecca, I don't know if this even counts, since it's more pictures than anything else, but here you go anyway. Also, for anyone who might think this is probably not the best use of my time, let me share something I discovered the other day on the LEGO website, one of their brand values:

Fun is the happiness we experience when we are fully engaged in something that requires mastery (hard fun), when our abilities are in balance with the challenge at hand and we are making progress towards a goal. Fun is both in the process, and in the completion.

Fun is being active together, the thrill of an adventure, the joyful enthusiasm of children and the delight in surprising both yourself and others in what you can do or create." 

Check out the rest here.

I think that Play and Fun do not get enough credit once you become an adult. Just because you grew up doesn't mean you can't play. I think if more people took the time to play and let themselves have the sort of fun they did as a kid, the world might be better. If I had to sit around and only write cover letters 24 hours a day until I got a job, I'd probably have worse problems than being unemployed.



Kelsey Austin Threatte said...

You are too amazing for this world and perfectly suited to create your own with less muck in it.

Maria said...

Haha, oh Kelseykins. You are just the best.

Rebecca said...

Love it :)

bella said...

I love your pipe cleaner princess and her adventure!

A nonfamous person* once said, "None of my pleasures are guilty".

*that would be me.