Friday, February 14, 2014

Harold and Philip

Today, as I was making these snowmen, they started talking. This is pretty typical behavior of snowpeople, in my experience, so I just carried on making them and let them talk. But they had little interest in me, the one making them. I was the least important person in the snow today.

Harold- Do you remember what tomorrow is?

Philip- Yes, I do. 

Harold- I'm surprised you remember anything, these days. 

Philip- What's that supposed to mean?

Harold- Just, the way you've been acting lately, it's like I don't even exist. 

Philip- You didn't exist, not until about 10 minutes ago. 

Harold- Oh don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. This has been a problem since the Cloud and you know it. 

Philip- I do admit I've been feeling a bit distant lately, yes. Happy?

Harold- No I'm not happy, why would you think that would make me happy? 

Philip- Because I'm finally confronting my feelings instead of keeping them buried deep in my snow, like I usually do? Those words ring any bells? 

Harold- Still. I'm still surprised you remember what tomorrow is. 

Philip- Everyone knows tomorrow is Valentines Day. That dog over there probably knows tomorrow is Valentines Day. We've existed for literally less than a half an hour and we both know that tomorrow is Valentines Day. For some reason. They did have that day in the Cloud, if you've not forgotten. Everything is the same down here, just a little more substantial. 

Harold- Fine. You win. You're more observant than I give you credit for. Happy?

Philip- No. No I'm not happy, Harold. And clearly, neither are you. 

At this point, I started to wish I had not bothered making either of them. But Philip's knees were weird looking, so I carried on.

Harold- ...


Harold- Hey, Philip...

Philip- Yes?

Harold- Tell me one thing from last night that you think we've both forgotten. 

Philip- Ok. Let me think about it.

Harold- Ok. 

Philip- ...


Philip- Remember the way the world looked as we fell?

Harold- Yes I remember. Very cold, comfortable, just where I wanted to land. 

Philip- No, I mean the people. Remember what the people were doing?

Harold- Oh yeah.

Philip- They were helping each other. We'd just started falling and already there were plows everywhere, and people with big cars were already towing people in smaller cars. 

Harold- I do remember now. 

Philip- And there was that one maroon truck that kept fishtailing all over the place. 

Harold- Oh yeah, that silly truck with nothing in the back to weigh it down. Not very smart for driving through a snow storm. 

I realized they were talking about me, but I don't think they knew it. I work on Philip's shoulders.

Philip- Yeah, that truck. Well everyone around that truck slowed down and gave it lots of space, which was nice. I mean, the whole world was slowing down.

Harold- It was nice. You're right. 

Philip- What's your one thing?

Harold- My one thing?

Philip- The thing you think we've both forgotten about. From last night. 

Harold- Right. My thing. I remember the stars. 

Philip- The stars?

Harold- Well, every time we fall, we're usually looking down, forward, to where we're falling to. Which is sensible- one should always look ahead and not focus on the past. 

Philip- Except that we always end up back up there eventually, where we were, so we can look wherever we want to look. 

Harold- Exactly, which is what I said to you last night as we were falling, and we both looked back up at the sky...

Philip- ...and noticed the stars through the clouds. I remember. There were just a few, but they were there. I can't believe I forgot about that.

Harold- I knew you did. 

I questioned the scientific probability that anyone could see the stars though the clouds during a snowstorm, but I kept my opinions to myself. After all, I've never been repeatedly pulled through the Hydrologic Cycle, so who was I to give my two cents?

Philip- I think this time, as we evaporate, I think I'll look down as we go up. 

Harold- Good idea. Me too. 

Philip- Beats thinking about what's happening. I hate turning into gas. 

Harold- Yeah, it's not my favorite time of the cycle, that's for sure. 

Philip- There is just so much mixing, you know? I like keeping my particles to myself, as much as I do like you and all. 

Harold- That's not what you said the last time...

I started feeling a little uncomfortable, so I stood up abruptly to let my presence be known. I probably should have been pretty well known already, due to the fact that I was making them, but clearly they both had other things on their minds than their physical forms and those around them.

Harold- Philip?

Philip- Yes, Harold? 

Harold- Happy Valentines Day. 

Philip- It's not till tomorrow.

Harold- Oh for the love of the Sun...

Philip- I'm just kidding. Happy Valentines Day. 

I walked away to make a giant snowball. It didn't talk. 

~Maria xx


Sara said...

Adorable! :)

dolores said...

Hahaha....everything is funny except the fishtailing maroon truck!;)

Maria C. Goodson said...

Yeah, that was super not funny. Neither was that conversation- I really felt like I was intruding.