Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Thing that's happened.

It's just a Thing that's happened, like all the other Things.
Like writing a story, and seeing if it has wings.

Like meeting your heroes, or sharing a pint,
or painting a room, in all the wrong light.

Things come and they go, like the parts on a bike,
fixed and replaced- all improvements alike.

Like museums and gift shops and very full days-
all Things that have happened, while focusing your gaze.

Firsts and lasts, might make you feel shy,
first ride on a bike or a churchyard goodbye.

Every Thing is a story,  and each you must keep,
in photos, or ticket stubs or words none too deep.

Train rides and tea bags, rainfall and even a book,
are all things you get used to, but never to cook.

Champagne Christmas, fireworks and flames,
writing on the river, and guys named James.

Lampposts and Hobbits and dragons made of stone,
projects and pretending and beating the unknown.

Pipe cleaners for science, a plesiosaurus,
all bits of the puzzle, all parts of the chorus. 

Getting lost on a car ride, creating a club,
only to find, they'd just gone to the pub.

Food parties, beard parties, Halloween,
late nights and early mornings fueled by caffeine.

Thinking you're strange or broken- lost at sea,
then finally lighting the very top of the tree.

Having a dress, as pretty as a doll,
and wearing it all night, when asked to the ball.

Oh to be blessed with the poetic muse, just for one day!
But you know that your not- write poems anyway. 

Rainbow cheesecake! Puppets! Bears!
We really did make the funniest of pairs.

Read a book with a friend, to make sure you're both clear-
every page is more fun, though it takes you a year.  

Hair cuts in the garden, a small child on the stairs,
even everyday things were very fun affairs. 

'Everything is rad!' You'll have ringing in your ears,
even if I've been gone for a few years. 

Karaoke in a pub, that is also a boat,
Dave the Rave's charisma, keeping us afloat.

Alice's playground, a kissing gate,
follow me down, or we'll all be late. 

Going to London! In so little time!
Stay on the bridge, till old Big Ben chimes.

But of all these things that have happened, you are the one,
Oxford, my friends- you I'll always love. 

~Maria x


bella said...

Geez, Maria. You even made me tear up and feel homesick for England and I've never been there! <3

I love all the pictures. Some of them are frame-worthy.

Rebecca Ladbrook said...

I love it!

Laura Rose said...

You talented Thing, love it!

Rose Brettingham said...


Nicole! said...

SO BEAUTIFUL - I love this poem! And I love the creepy cool pictures. I have no idea how you do it, this is fantastic!