Thursday, July 18, 2013


Amelia Earhart. 
LOTS of things have happened in the last two months, and this month is not even over yet. In a feeble attempt to recap, and basically tell my family about everything that's been going on which I have not been emailing them about, I'm just going to do a few picture blogs. Lame, I know, but easier than reading the mindless dribble I am usually producing. Your welcome. I've kicked off this here blog with a kickass picture of Amelia Earhart, one of my favorite ladies. Could she get any cooler?

Kellogg College Tempest ball!


No ball is complete without a balloon artist.
Or a moon bounce. Which are called bouncy castles in this country, since they are always shaped like castles.
Present Monster for Rose's birthday.

And a rainbow cheesecake my good friend Alex helped me make!

It tasted so much better than it looks, seeing as it looks like the food from Hook.

Some sorta dance fest at the castle.

Calk outside a museum. As you do.

Early morning ballooning to promote Alice's Day. This is how happy we look at 7am every day.

That bike is not going anywhere.

Elephant cookies in the park.

FAMILY VISITS OXFORD. Here they are in The Story Museum, after doing my job for me I MEAN helping me move some chairs for an event.

Up St. Mary's church tower. Best view in town.


One of many band photos taken.

First Family tour of the Story Museum!

My favorite room.

Christ Church.

Hanging out with Tolkien's tree.

Posing with a G&Ds cup for some reason.


Another band photo, if my hair was not being so weird.


This is Michael Rosen dressed as the Pied Pieper. He's kinda a big deal.

Alex being all fab and stuff.

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