Friday, July 19, 2013


SO-  all of these were taken the first week of July, the week leading up to Alice's Day, basically The Story Museum's biggest-deal day of the year. Anyone you see with white paint on their faces (except me) are actors in a group called Teatro Vivo who did a week long run of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, using every room in our building, which took audiences literally down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland just like Alice. Somehow, Teatro Vivo managed to make me enjoy two things I never have before: Alice in Wonderland and interactive theater. I like all the Alice things out there, sure, and I really respect the book and everything, but as a kid I never really enjoyed it. Too nonsensical for Little Maria (funny, I know) (what I REALLY like about Alice in Wonderland is the true story of the real Alice who lived in Christ Church College with her sisters. That is a great story). I've always HATED interactive theater, although I guess I've never given it much of a chance. I just know that if I ever go to any sort of show where I know the there will be audience participation, I usually spent the entire show gripped in fear that I'd be picked on. However Teatro Vivo have converted me- they managed to involved the audience without making anyone feel threatened. They way they managed the groups made you feel like you were part of a team, so when you did get picked on, it didn't feel like you were being put on the spot because somehow, in the short amount of time you are in the show, you feel like you're friend with your group even if you don't know them at all. It's hard to explain really, but what it comes down to is the fact that they are all professional actors with an amazing ability to read a group of people and tell exactly how to make them have the best experience they possibly can in an hour and a half. 

This week I might as well have set up camp at the museum. Going home to sleep always seemed like a waste of time since I got back so late and had to get up again so early the next day. My bedroom after the week was over only consisted of a pile of clothes almost as tall as me. All week I helped the cast and crew of the show set up in our building, turning it into Wonderland (didn't have to do much!) and figuring out how to also make it as safe as we could for the public. I can honestly say it was one of the best weeks of my working life- I got to spend all day every day with an amazing group of people (Teatro Vivo and The Story Museum staff), doing creative stuff, creating something that was truly spectacular. It also gave me a unique insight into a career path I'd never thought of before. I think it would be pretty awesome to be some sort of Production Director some day.

So anyway, that's what all these pictures are from. The day after this week was over, I slept for about 11 hours straight, and it was amazing.