Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I really like the month of January. I always say that April is my favorite month because it's the birthday month (no matter what country I seem to be living in), but there is something about January that I've always liked. I really like symbolism. All my jewelery has a story connected to it, or was given to me by a friend or family member, representing our relationship. I never get rid of books that people have written messages to me in: too special. And in this way (sort of), I also love what January represents- a fresh start, the beginning of a whole new year in life. I love that motivated, anything-is-possible magic in the air, before it soon fades and laziness abounds. I don't think that's how you use that word. Oh well (it's happening already).

Speaking of new beginnings, check out this awesome thing that happened in January

A few little things that make me happy: I found out the other day that one of the gentlemen who works in an office the Story Museum rents out used to work for the Muppets. Amazing. Also, at the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra concert that I helped work Friday night for one of my other jobs, none other than Priscilla Tolkien, J.R.R Tolkien's daughter, was in attendance. And, to top it off, another boss casually mentioned attending a party this holiday season that Alan Rickman was known to frequent. I wonder when these little, completely normal Oxford run-ins are going to stop amazing me. I almost prefer hearing these stories rather than meeting famous people myself, since I never know what to say and then usually end up saying nothing.

In random news, it was decided the other night that my memoir will one day be called An Inconvenience of James', not in any way because I believe all the James' in my life to be inconveniences, only because knowing so many is a little inconvenient at times when trying to talk about them. Flock of birds, a murder of crows, an inconvenience of James'. Look it up (in like 40 years when I've written my memoir and gotten the term in the dictionary). I'm working at Oxford University Press this week (the ones who do the Dictionary)- already working on inside connections).

So, January is for resolutions. Normally, I make loads. I'm always so motivated and excited about the coming year, and two years ago I actually did everything I had resolved to do the year before, which was an amazing anomaly. This year my resolutions are very simple. No more extravagant life changing ones that I know I'll ultimately fail to do: why start off your year with the inevitability that you will end it a failure? So this year I've only got two. I'm going to read all the books, and stop talking about leaveing the UK.

Yes, I realize I cannot read ALL the books in one year, obviously. By that really all I mean is to strive to read as many of those books I always talk about reading but never do because they are either really long or look like they will be dense. No more putting these things off, because who am I kidding, I am not going to have a relaxing, work free retirement at this rate. I'm reading The Count of Monte Cristo right now, which is 1200 some pages long and SO GOOD. I'm only about 200 pages in, but it's epic and I love it. Why was I always so scared to read Dumas before? I might just have a really good translation, but whatever, I'm a fan now. I'm also still reading The Silmarillion with my housemate Jonno, which I'm also loving and is also not as daunting a read as I anticipated. I still have a million jobs, so I still don't really have the sort of time I'd like to commit to big books, but that is fine. I need to be more patient, in general. Anything worth doing is worth waiting for.

The other one, not talking about leaving the UK, I've been sucking at so far. The visa regulations keep getting harder and harder to make happen, and I have too many part time jobs and none of which can sponsor me, so it's looking less and less likely that I can stay here pass January 2014. Obviously going home is not a bad option, it's kind of exciting and it's probably about time I go back anyway, and I do really really REALLY miss everyone at home more and more the longer I stay, but at the same time and for the same reasons I can't imagine leaving Oxford. But it's a depressing topic no matter who I'm talking to, so I'm going to try to just not talk about it. Basically I need to hurry up and publish my novel and make it big so I can get that Goodson family private jet and live in both countries. Working on it.

So that's easy, right? This year I just want to not talk about things that will bring me down, and read lots of books. Sounds like it's going to be a good year. One other thing I want to do this year, since it might be my last year here, is to go more places. I went to Stratford last weekend, FINALLY, and got to see Shakespeare's grave. There are tons of places in the UK and Europe I still want to go, and if this is my last year, I need to go NOW. Again, working on it.


Alright, I need to go to work. As always, I'll try to write more blogs too. A person I work with at the library asked me what the point was of writing if no one could read my stories, which made me think. I still don't think I feel comfortable posting tons of my fiction stories on here, but I will try to write more. Maybe more haikus. Jokes on whoever steals those: they're awful.

Fare thee well!


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dolores said...

Half of us are glad and half of us are sad....you understand!

Love all those photos....guess we won't be seeing Shakespeare's place!;)