Thursday, May 10, 2012

I blog when I'm nervous.

Hay on Wye castle bookshop.
I always do this. I get involved in a million things at once, and they all come to their climactic conclusions in the same month, leaving me scrambling around, trying to find time to breath and still do a good job.

In college, my senior year, the year I was supposed to take it easy, only take a few classes I liked, and chill, I decided to take all performance classes. In one month, I had my Capstone reading for my degree, my indoor guard's championships competition, a multiple night puppetry show, concert band concert and choral concert. That was a fun month. And my parents came to every single show. They are the best.
On the drive back from Wales. It was really that bright.
This month is not quite as bad, but my life has not really been that hectic since college. This month I have my showcase reading for my MA (which is TODAY) where I may or may not have the chance to read in front of agents, paid work experience at Oxford University Press (they do the dictionary!) next week where I have to somehow fit 30 hours of work into three days, one of those days being a half day because I am seeing War House (the play, not the movie) in London that evening, four nights of puppetry performances the next week, and two sets of visitors coming from far away to see me. Not to mention all of my own projects I need to finish, my friends books I still need to read for them (sorry Nicole and Kelsey! I'll get on that as soon as I can!) and working at my actual job every day in between because we are super short staffed.

Wales, one of Meg's new beaches.
But I'm finished complaining. Because I'm not actually complaining. I love this. I thrive when busy, at least that's what I wrote on my resume. So in reality, life is good.

Plus, I need to start writing in this blog more often. I have lots of ideas for essay/blog type things I want to do, but just haven't had time to do them. Watch this space.

Race to the cave!
However for now, I'm going to go back to stressing out about this reading. It's at 1pm, and it's 10.30am now, so I have tons of time to worry about it. Reading aloud has never been a strength of mine, but I've been practicing with the help of an awesome friend, and I am feeling better about it than I was a few weeks ago.

Fare thee well,