Monday, January 23, 2012

Not about coffee.

Stuff that happened this month while I was in the USA visiting people:

Catfish had a mighty reunion. And ate their weight in everything. 

My dad sent me 253 picture texts of our cat (he’s so cute) and it never got old.

I got a grown up drivers license. AND they let me smile. A little. 

My mom made me breakfast a lot and I loved it. 

I discovered that the most high school spot in all of Purcellville has been bulldozed. R.I.P Al’s Pizza. 

I saw my little bro’s band play in Richmond and they were rad as usual. And learned a lot about what one does if they are to acquire fleas in their house (not me).

Realized that I am the world’s worst flight booker when I checked my return flight to London and realized that I had a 12 hour layover in Toronto. 

Decided that I want to live in Philadelphia someday, officially. 

Made some new year’s resolutions. Here they are:

~Travel more in the UK.
~Read Nicole’s book, Ruby Dreams (and help her come up with a new title, although I like it, even if it doesn’t really make sense).
~Save money.
~Research getting an agent.
~Stop being such a downer. 

I also realized that in 2011, I actually accomplished all of my new year’s resolutions for the first time in my life. It’s all in the wording. 

I made some new friends. 

I got to see all my old friends. It sucks to leave them. 

Missed UK people. 

Hung out with my parents a ton. They are cool. 

Drove a lot. Which was pretty fun, till I got lost. As usual. 

Got hooked on the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack (thanks Nicole).

Ate more handmade candy than anyone ever should all in one night (thanks Nicole).

Had a beer and watched some football (good idea Nicole). How ‘bout them Eers? 

Spent an evening with friends from Elementary school, college and Grad school, all in one place. 

Extended my visa. 

Got loads of sweet new tunes from Tiff and James. 

Talked about books in a grave yard. 

Realized that my grandpa is a much better/more committed writer than I am, for he writes in his journal every single day and I can’t even update my blog once a month. 

Had lots of fun, then came back to the UK. 


But all that is probably only interesting to me. What might interest you folks, if you like reading stories, is that I plan on challenging myself to a self titled Seven Day Story Challenge. This is because, as you can tell, I’m a huge slacker, and the only way I can ever get things done is by publicly challenging myself  so that everyone will see if I fail.

So the idea is simple. I’ll write seven stories in seven days. They might not be good stories, since I’ll only have a day to write them next to all the other things I do in my days (I did get a new job, so that’s more than the nothing from before), but I’ll at least try to make them a little worth reading. Some might be short, some might be long, some might have beginnings, middles and ends a plenty, other might just be snapshots or little flash fiction bits. Many will probably be about people I know (all names shall be changed) or just things that have happened to me. Many may suck, but hopefully at least one will shine true, and after the week is up I’ll be able to fix it up and use it for something.

I am being trained for my new job this week (which is essentially my exact same job, just more hours, so don’t go asking), so I’ll probably try and start next week sometime, once things slow down and get back to normal. So stay tune. See, now that I’ve posted this, I have to do it. My blog is my bond.

See ya,


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