Saturday, November 19, 2011

One more thing.

My friends are weird.
One more tip for NaNoWriMo, as if you should listen to me. I'm at 27k and should be at 31k by the end of the day. So not happening. But somehow, some way, I will finish. And I will beat Nicole. I couldn't help it, we're totally racing again. It's just more fun that way.

Anyway, so my last tip (for now), is as follows:

Get dressed- It might sound silly, but it's an essential part of your day. For me anyway. If your anything like me, and have nothing to do all day but sit at home and write, take five seconds out of your day to actually dress for said day. Don't sit around all day in your PJs, as nice as that sounds. I find that when I do this, it makes me feel like I haven't actually done anything all day, even when I've written like 3,000 words, applied for two jobs, gone grocery shopping, and cleaned my room. This is probably a personal preference. I'm sure people who work 9-5 all week long look forward spending their entire weekend in the same moose print PJ bottoms, over-sized college hoodie and cookie monster slippers, and that's fair enough. But, if you are in life limbo like myself (and most people my age, penniless and fresh out of higher education) and everyday is a weekend, get dressed. This will make writing seem more like your job, which it should be if your serious about it, and less like a lazy day putting one word after another, where you don't see the light of day (my curtains are too cool to ever open) and only leave your bedroom to feed yourself, if that. Even if you are just putting on your baggiest, most comfortable pair of jeans (because comfort is key, even if you are dressed. Don't wear your going-out, super, extra skinny jeans that suck you way in and make you feel like a million bucks, because I assure you, they won't feel that way sitting at a desk alone all day. Not that I own jeans like that, but I have a good imagination) and changing out of one oversize t-shirt into another, the small act of wearing something you didn't sleep in will make your day feel far more accomplished.

Moving on. But not too far. I decided the other day that I want to write Two Truths and a Lie haikus. You know, that game where you tell two true things about yourself and then one lie, and your friends have to guess which is the lie. It's sort of a hard game to play, and you need to be fairly creative to make your lies convincing, and you can't play with people who know everything about you or it won't work. So anyway, I wrote one, here it is:

Celeb Encounters

Extra on West Wing. 
Poured a beer for Chris Cooley.
In podcast with Ron.

Which is the lie?? Mom, you can't play, you know too much. It's also good if the three things all sort of have a theme, like Celebs, places you've been, things you've done. Like, I can say I kissed a boy in Virginia, I kissed a boy in Oxford, and I kissed a boy in Istanbul. Which is the lie??? It's a fun game. 

OK, back to writing. Ciao, bella.



DeeRoo said...

Hahaha! Yes...I know the answers to both!;)
Congrats MA GRad!:)

Guess I need to get dressed!:)

Rafael's Mum said...

No idea on the first one of course but second one could be all three true? lol! Or have you not been in Istanbul... ha ha ....

Kerry said...

I know...I know...BOTH...but then again I

And I must say, Dee...I thought of you with the pj's remark...lmao

beth said...

I thought all the first three were true?