Friday, November 11, 2011

Lots of things on fire.

Rob's birthday cake, made, with love, by Basia. Not only visually stunning,  but probably the best cake I've ever tasted.

This looks better small. Super blurry Jame and I.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November.


Tonight, Rose and I sculpted puppet heads out of polystyrene blocks in a room next to where Phillip Selway (drummer from Radiohead) was playing a charity concert, and listened to him through the wall. This is why I love Oxford; it's just so random.

Oh yeah, and Johnny Depp was in Oxford on Saturday. I didn't see him, it was all very hush hush, but still, that's probably the closest I'll ever get to him. 

As I've probably mentioned, the reason for our sculpting of puppet heads is that Rose and I are taking a 6 month puppetry course at the theater where she works, the Pegasus Theater.  Saying that our puppetry class is RAD would be an understatement. For one thing, the title of the course is Dead or Alive Puppets. That alone tells you it's going to be amazing. The teacher is fantastic and really passionate about puppets, referring to them as magic more than once in our first class last week. The class is mostly about movement. The first  was all about watching how we walk, and the position of every part of your body, where your weight is distributed. Once we figured it out, we took rags and tied knots in them for limbs and made them walk, in little groups (one person for the body, two for the feet). It was absolutely amazing to see these completely inanimate rags walk across the floor like little people. You didn't pay any attention to the three people in clear sight, controlling everything. All you saw was this tiny person strutting around the room. The next 6 months are going to be the best.

Speaking of six months from now, we just got word that on May 10th, there is be a showcase for all the MA Creative Writing people at the Pegasus. Apparently, in the afternoon they are going to do a competition where everyone who wants to can read something to a bunch of judges, then the winners get to read later that evening in front of agents. Sounds terrifying and awesome, I'm glad I have so much forewarning. Also, speaking of my course, I could possibly get my marks tomorrow for my final project.  I think I'm going to throw up.

Ok, I'm off. Nano is going well, but I'm really behind, more so than I've ever been in years past. I think it's because Nicole and I are not raceing. It looks like I need to race, I need that fear factor to keep me at it. But it's all ok, I'll catch up.


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