Sunday, September 11, 2011

MASTER of the universe

Hanging on my wall, above my desk, in case I forget that I finished.
Curtesy of Rose Brettingham (image) and Charlie Brassly (formatting).

You know you want to read it. Find me a publisher and we'll talk.
Or just ask and I'll send you a copy.

I wish I'd taken a picture of the actual bound final product, but I only held it in my hands for about the second it took to walk from the print center to the English Department building. Just take my word for it- it was beautiful.

My friends from the course got to our house on Thursday around 11am where we commenced freaking out about every little thing, comparing word counts (21,237, final) and figuring out the stupid, online turn-it-in thing we had to do to prove we didn't plagiarize. Come on Brookes; why would I spend tons of money to do this course, only then to plagiarize my final project, thus learning absolutely nothing and getting nothing from my degree?

After stressing ourselves out for no reason for a few hours at home, we split up into two convoys with separate missions; Charlie and I went to his house to use his ultimate photoshop to fix my cover and print his project and Alisha, Meg and Tom went to buy food for later. We all met up again, my project and Charlie's lovingly printed off and contained in a shoe box, at the copy center, a gigantic room that only allows students to stand in a tiny, smashed up area where all the hot air from the printers happens to end up, and we all were printed and bound. Meg went for comb binding, Alisha and Tom with tape, and Charlie and I went for wire, in case anyone was wondering (wire trumps tape any day, don't let anyone tell you otherwise).

We all turned in, signed off on our projects, got them signed off, received our official little receipts and were on our way. And that was it, my year in England worth of hard work and stress officially out of my hands and submitted.  No marks till December, don't graduate till April. I hate waiting, but Rose found me this great quote for my bedroom wall about how patience is not really being able to wait, but "the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting." So I guess I'll try that.

In other news, everything is happening. I bought a plane ticket to come home for Christmas for a whole month, so get ready people, it's going to be good. I'm applying for some new jobs now that I'm officially allowed to work more hours. I still love my house, although not being a student is killing us tax wise. I can once again read and write anything I want. I decided that, when I move back home eventually, that I'm going to apply for an internship at the Jim Henson puppet workshops in either New York or LA. They have a headquarters in London too, but there are no internships there. I'm just going to try to ride this creative train till it crashes and I'm forced to get a real job. But damn the man, not yet!

However, speaking of jobs, I should probably get ready for mine now. Good old gift shop. I did make my life more interesting yesterday at work (I basically work all weekend long now a days, every weekend) by organizing/editing our postcard list. Sounds lame, I know, but once I'm done it will actually make my life and that of everyone else much easier, so I felt a little accomplished, for once.

The question now is this: what do I write next? Let's take a poll (as if you all know anything about any of these):

~Finish Talented.
~Write second draft of Beyond the Fold.
~Write scenes of/figure out new book idea, working title Existence.
~Continue with Practice Dating (might save this one for NaNoWriMo, since it's so fun and ridiculous).

So many choices! I think I'm leaning toward the second draft of Beyond the Fold (notice how I'm putting my titles in italics now, as if they were real books already) seeing as it's the closest to completion, and I love it with all my heart. However, I will probably have to take a break in November for NaNo, in which case it will be a tie between Practice Dating and Existence. Unfortunately Talented is going to have to take the back burner for a while, because I just don't know what happens next. I'm sure I'll figure it out as I'm writing the others, that's always the way of things.

Alright, I really do need to go to work now. Hopefully the completion of my MA also means I'll blog more. Hold me to that, faithful readers, because I do enjoy it.


~major7th, MA of the universe


DeeRoo said...

BEYOND THE FOLD!!! That gets our vote...I want to know more back story for that one!

What is comb binding?

Hmmmmmm....should someone have majored in puppetry at WVU?!;) Learn everything you can...volunteer for everything you can at the theatre and your course this year...we think the internship is a smashing idea...hopefully east coast!

Congrats lovey!!
Parents of the MA of the Uni!

PS...why didn't you get TWO copies?:)

Kerry said...

Dee...I'll show you comb binding at work on's that curly plastic that snaps hehehe

Congrats, Maria!!! I know it's been a long year...I guess your Mom is gonna take off for MOST of December

DeeRoo said...

January...lots of days off in January!!!

Now I understand the combed thing!;)

major7th said...

I did get two copies, I had to turn in two and I get one back in December!

Nicole said...

SO weird, I was just watching your puppetry performance last night and then I read this today!

UM obviously second draft of Beyond the Fold, and then definitely Practice Dating for Nano. I can hear Willa and Leo screaming for attention from my bookshelf, true story.