Thursday, September 29, 2011


We were climbing rocks on the coast of West Wales the other day when we realized that it was a year to the day that we started our MA course together. Not all of us became friends that day, only Alisha and I really (culturally thrust together when we heard each others accents), but we all met, exchanged curious glances, were aware of each others presences. There was no telling at that point that a year to the day from that stuffy attic room in the Tonge building, full of strangers crazy enough to want to write, that we'd be together in such a beautiful place, smelly puppy in toe, an MA under our belts and nothing but hopefully hazy futures ahead of us.

That day on the cliffs we were a man down, Charlie unfortunately couldn't come, but we filled his place (but in no way replaced him) with my right hand man, Rose. Even without Charles, it was a surreal moment. All the cliche things were happening, the waves were gently crashing on the rocks, Mungo (said smelly puppy) was barking at Tom and getting soaked in the surf, the sea breeze was throwing our hair in our eyes and the sun even made an appearance after two days of drizzle and mounds of muddy paths and wellies. Standing on the cliffs with my friends was much more significant to me than August 3rd, my one year anniversary of moving to England. That day came and went without a thought. However, I think realizing that it was a year to the day that the course started was more important because the MA was the entire reason I'm here. It was fitting too that Rose was there, my first friend, once and future housemate and one of the coolest people I've ever met; her presence completed it, brought my year right back around to that sunny September when I started, back when I thought I knew what I was doing, back when I thought I'd be home by now, back when everything was still foreign and I still hadn't seen Doctor Who.

Ps, I'm not making a new blog. This one is just fine. But from now on, I'm no longer major7th. I'm Maria C. Goodson; keep your 'lectric eye on me, babe.


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Awesome post, Maria...

Do you not love Dr Who? Have you seen any Torchwood ??? it's a spin-off ( and an anagram;} )

Whenever you get back, I will catch you up on both...I've the dvds!!!


I adore Dr River Song...

Well done YOU!!!!